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Lost Weekend Productions
Lost Weekend Productions is a company dedicated to creating Independent Film in Northern Virginia and the Metropolitan Washington, DC area. Our staff consists of people from every walk of life, but with the common passion for independent film. We were established in the fall of 2004 and continue to be active in and around the world.


Executive Producer's Messages

"Down The Shore" available for purchase or streaming
Anchor Bay films is distributing "Down The Shore" via DVD, Blu-Ray and streaming. Lost Weekend Productions helped to produce this film and LWP's own Kurt Gustafson is one of the Executive Producers for the film. Get it now!

"Down The Shore" premieres in NYC and LA
"Down The Shore", one of Lost Weekend's productions, is premiering in New York and Los Angeles. The film stars James Gandolfini and Famke Janssen and follows on the world premiere at the Palm Springs Film Festival.

LWP Announces Collaboration
Lost Weekend is officially announcing a collaboration on two feature films with Yanik Ruiz-Ramon -- who will be the head writer and co-collaborator along with Lost Weekend's own Kurt Gustafson. One script is a drama-hero's journey story and the other is a hard Science Fiction piece. Details coming soon.

2012 Baltimore 48 Hour Film Project
Lost Weekend Productions and AVA Productions are collaborating on their 5th project togeter for this effort. They have currently assembled about 50 cast and crew and will be headquarted in downtown DC for the weekend of fun and creativity.

Houses & Humans - 2012 DC 48 Hour Project
Kurt Gustafson, producer Lost Weekend Productions, performs the dual role of editor and producer for the short film "Houses & Humans" which is under the helm of Kevin Finkelstein of Frozen Penguins Productions. This is the third collaboration between the two.

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